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Though I have been giving talks on different management topics, this was something which I will cherish much. I had been to Darbhanga as an invited speaker on 23rd December 2012 evening. The event was organised in honour of Bharat Ratna Hon'ble Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on the occasion of Mega Science Fair which was jointly inaugurated by Hon'ble Dr. Kalam and CM Bihar on 24th morning. It was a gathering of around 300 persons with 70% youth from colleges.

I was one of the four speakers and my topic was "Challenges of Young Entrepreneurs in Developing Economies". Other speakers were Shri Hetukar Jha, on Mithila Heritage, Dr. Vidyanath Jha on Flora and Fauna of Kosi Belt, Dr. MB Verma on Social activities in Darbhanga and around by Agastya. I felt elated by meeting Hon'ble Dr. Kalam and getting an accolade from him during his address to the gathering mainly of youngsters from colleges that he liked my 2-3 views.

As a prelude to the Mega Science Fair in Darbhanga which was organized by Agastya International, Darbhanga Medical College and the University to welcome Bharat Ratna Hon’ble Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on 23rd December 2012, I was invited as a Management Guru to speak on “Challenges of the Young Entrerpreneurs in Developing Economies”. It was attended by over 300 persons including elites of Darbhanga and college students in Medical College Auditorium. It was very satisfying for me when Hon’ble Dr. Kalam mentioned my liking. So it was an accolade and a dream come true. He is a Saint.

I have offered my services to him to join his movement of sharing experience with youngsters and igniting their minds.

The next day, 24th morning, the Mega Science Fair was inaugurated by Hon’ble Dr. Kalam and our Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri Nitish Kumar jointly and we went around the fair interacting with science students. It was a revelation to see how science experiments are being encouraged in that region. This will help youngsters to be local minds and not get driven by beliefs only.

Though it is a big write up, sending a synopsis of my talk:

1. Major developing economies are India, China, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa , Russia and Argentina.

2. Entrepreneur – Sanskrit word “Antaprerna” which means “self motivation” and French verb “Entreprendre” which means “to undertake” combined, it would mean “someone who taking up a new business and is self motivated”.

3. Entrepreneurs segmented like:

a) By chance or inheritance

b) By choice or the will to excel

c) By circumstances / compulsions

d) Inner desire to serve / social entrepreneurs

4. Challenges were capsuled as apparent / tangible and intangible or hidden. I emphasized more on intangible challenges which normally young entrepreneurs overlook or don’t give importance. Just to cite an example, the challenges will be different types, some very common for country, some common globally in today’s globalised world. Some will be regional / local. I emphasized the intangible challenges like management of stress, health and habits, cultural and social aspects, etc. Just to give an example, it is common in youngsters of developing countries, not to care for time management.

They should expand their views and set a goal that goes beyond self-interest. Young entrepreneur needs to focus on the set goal and develop habits of learning from NATURE. Similarly, our thoughts generate a surge of energy if directed towards your goal . The higher the goal and unidirectional thoughts, to achieve, greater the energy generated. The convergence of head and heart makes one creative and innovative. The more one focuses, the more energy he or she generates. There is the proverb “couch potatoes cannot produce even an ounce of energy”.

Emphasis was laid in my talk as to how young entrepreneurs should overcome the unproductive channels of energy dissipation like :

a) Worry for the past

b) Anxiety for the future

c) Frenzy in the present

Thus, if a young entrepreneur learns from the Nature as to how to conserve energy, he or she can avoid development of stress.

Similarly, my talk also mentioned that they should not take to habits like impulsive celebration of success or surrender to depressive sentiments on failure or become high headed on materialistic gains. If any young entrepreneur wants his or her creativity to flourish and lead to innovations, they should be collaborative to embrace success and earn wealth not only for personal gain rather create wealth for the Nation. They should avoid the unethical path for selfish short term goals.

I was very happy to see the gathering and this was my first talk with management perspective in Mithila. Very satisfying moment was when Hon’ble Dr. Kalam appreciated my ideas during his address to the gathering.


Memoire & Tribute to true Indian:

What a rude shock last evening – India looses common man’s President Hon'ble Dr A P J Kalam – true Indian, Bharat Ratna. Couldn’t hold tears………

Had the privilege of being with the ever smiling big human in him, on 23rd December, 2012 at Darbhanga Medical college & University, where I was one of the 6 invited speakers under his umbrella, when my talk “Challenges of the young entrepreneurs in developing economy” drew his open appreciation, it was a dream come true for me. I remained in touch with him since then.

Next morning, 24th Dec, I was all along with him during his interactions with young students from Schools, what a humble feeling interacting with him – magnetic effects. Sadly will miss interacting with him & meeting him again, but will carry forward his “Teacher Mission” in my own limited sphere.

Salute to true Indian Guru, in all respect… Though he left his mortal body, he will remain alive forever through younger generations & generations……..

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